Can GM Crops Meet India’s Food Security and Export Markets?

An International Scientific Conference

Date: 27 Sep 2012

Venue: Courtyard by Marriott, Hyderabad

Hosts: Aruna Rodrigues & Tara Foundation

Co-organiser: ENSSER

Media Reports

24.09.2012: GM crops may not resolve food crisis, scientists say
(The Times of India) (pdf)

27.09.2012: Super weeds infesting crores of acres
(The Hindu Business Line) (pdf)

28.09.2012: GM crops no big help in food security
(Deccan Chronicle) (pdf)

28.09.2012: Time to embrace evergreen agriculture?
(The Hindu) (pdf)

02.10.2012: Genetic engineering fails to deliver: Studies
(Deccan Chronicle) (pdf)

02.10.2012: Subsidise recharging of soil
(The Hans) (pdf)

02.10.2012: Safety of Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered Maize Thrown into Doubt
(TWN Biosafety Information Centre) (pdf)