• Dec 1+2 2016: Scientific Conference TAKING STOCK - 20 YEARS OF GM CROPS - 40 YEARS OF 'GENETIC ENGINEERING' in Mexico City
  • Sep 10-11, 2014: Science in the Eye of the Storm (AStA TU Berlin, CRIIGEN, ENSSER, Federation of German Scientists, Stiftung Gekko, International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility, Universities Allied for Essential Medicine, Technical University, Berlin Germany)
  • Statement "No Scientific Consensus on GMO Safety"
  • Jun 26-27, 2013: Agroecology for Sustainable Food Systems in Europe: A Transformative Agenda (Centre for Agroecology and Food Security of the Coventry University, ENSSER, Free University of Brussels, Fondation Sciences Citoyennes, IFOAM EU, TP Organics; Brussels, Belgium)
  • May 28-29, 2013: Sustainable Diet and Food Security (Belgian Nutrition Society, The Nutrition Society (UK), Société Française de Nutrition; Lille, France)
  • Sep 28-29, 2012: Advancing the Understanding of Biosafety "GMO Risk Assessment, Independent Biosafety Research and Holistic Analysis" (ENSSER, Tara Foundation, TWN; Hyderabad)
  • Aug 31, 2012: The State of the GMO Planet
    (California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco)
  • May 16-18, 2012: Congress on Risks for Public Health & the Environment "Time for Convergence of European Technology Assessment and Risk Assessment" (ENSSER, EEA, HDO, UPM-ISTAS; Madrid)
  • March 2012: Angelika Hilbeck and Hartmut Meyer contribute to the debate on GM crops in the German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit"
  • March 24-25, 2011: "Sustainability and Holistic Assessment of Technologies and Biotechnologies" (University of Caen MRSH-CNRS; Risk Pole; CRIIGEN; ENSSER; Foundation for Citizen Sciences; GenØk; Society of Environmental Health in Western France; Caen)
  • October 09, 2010: Citizen Forum - Social Sustainability and Biological Safety (ENSSER, TWN & VDW; Nagoya)
  • October 07-09, 2010: Scientific Conference - Social Sustainability and Biological Safety "Advancing the Understanding of Biosafety" (ENSSER, TWN & VDW; Nagoya)
  • April 15-16, 2010: Symposium on Science & Society "Integrety of Science under Attack" (EEA & ENSSER; Copenhagen)